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Dear citizens of planet Earth!

We convey our regards to all those of you who sympathise with our unhappy fate, whether we know you or not.
In the present situation you have been with us and supported us, so that we could bring to life our ideas, which up to date have been locked away in a big chest.
We’ve been hopeless, not knowing how to make our ideas come true! God will bless you for the joy and hope we’re enjoying today thanks to you!

Due to the establishment of tourist accommodation facilities (initiating farm tourism activity) we will conquer poverty and difficulties. We will start small businesses which will provide work opportunities.
If you purchase our films and traditional folk-related products or visit Pankisi, we’ll be able to transform the place, susceptible to becoming a conflict zone, into an area rich in global-scale tourist resorts, a meeting place for all peace-loving people!

Thanks to the receipts from farm tourism we’ll have the opportunity of developing charity helping orphans, unattended children and people with no social support.

When we are firmly on our feet, we’d like our alms (“zakat”) to reach the most needy so we can offer the support we have received from you in dangerous places. This will be our contribution to the struggle for world peace!
Once we have obtained necessary resources, in various parts of our planet we’ll organise a “Peace March”, and at festival performances our banners we will be displaying the slogan “Make love not war!” Let there be peace in the world!

By means of our displays of Kist culture and art we want to attract and interest other nations. This will be our contribution to the history of the 21st century – the century of peace – and our movement will become a symbol of success as well as the efforts to have a cloudless sky over our heads.

We'd like you to visit us and see all the beautiful and attractive places in Pankisi, and rest in the picturesque scenery, enjoying our uniquely fresh air!
Since we dearly love Polish people, we’ll shower you with our love here!

Kind regards
President of Marshua Kawkaz
Makvala Margochvili