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“Marszua Kawkaz” Foundation

(in the Kist language: “Peace to Caucasus”)

General Information
Marshua Kawkaz, a charity organisation of Kist women living in Georgia, is a non-governmental, non-profit and apolitical organisation registered at the Ministry of Justice of the Republic of Georgia on 24th Dec 1999.

The idea of setting up “Marszua Kawkaz” was fuelled by the Kist community’s social debates on preserving the currently stable situation and peace in Caucasus.

The registered office of the foundation is located in the village of Duisi, in the Akhmeta region of the Republic of Georgia.
The president and founder of Marszua Kawkaz is Makvala Margochvili.


  1. Deepening understanding and bringing closer the Kists and the Georgians on the cultural and political levels.
  2. Providing financial, cultural and social support to the Kists living in Georgia and Chechen refugees.
  3. Promotion of the Pankisi Gorge and Kist culture: developing farm tourism activity, accommodating tourists enjoying tourist attractions in Pankisi and the Caucasus.
  4. Carrying out programmes aiming at preserving and developing the Kist’ spiritual and cultural potential in Pankisi.
  5. Carrying out educational programmes for child victims of the Chechnya war.
  6. Promotion of peace policy in the Caucasus.
  7. Support of Georgia’s sovereignty and resuming its territorial integrity.
  8. Presentation of Vainakh history along with the promotion of traditions and customs which do not conflict with Georgian legislation.
  9. Helping the young generation to choose a healthy lifestyle, and preventing various pathologies from spreading among youth.
  10. Organizing charity events.
  11. Conducting all kinds of activities within the boundaries of Georgian law, whether such activities are included in the foundation’s Statute or not.