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Folk Band “Daimoakh”

(in the Kist language: “Mother Country”)
Since 1996 a Kist folk band by the name of “Daimoakh” from Duisi, composed of future female founders of “Marshua Kawkaz” and headed by Makvala Margochvili has been performing.

Its main founder and indisputable leader has all along been Makvala Margochvili.
The Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Georgia, by decree dated 24th Dec 1996, granted the band the official title of Georgian folk artists.
In 1997 Makvala Margochvili, as the leader of Daimoakh, was awarded the Ministry of Culture’s main prize at the Folk Dance and Song Festival in Tbilisi.
Since the band was set up, it has given a great number of concerts in both Georgia and abroad (Turkey, France and Poland, to name but a few).

In 2006 Daimoahk recorded an album at the recording studio of Polish Radio 2. The recordings have been used in several shows about Caucasian music. Unfortunately, The Polish Radio hasn’t got the financial resources necessary to release the album.

Currently Daimoakh is composed of artists singing and playing traditional instruments such as Chechen accordion, a plucked instrument called dechic pondur and various drums.
There is a group of adult and child dancers in the band performing traditional Chechen and Georgian dances.
The band also acts out everyday scenes and recites Kist and Georgian poetry, mostly created by Makvala Margochvili.
Another group within the band is made of female members of the Sufi brethren called “Kunta Hadjee Kisszijewa” from Duisi. For all those who are interested,“the Haji”, as they are called, perform a traditional Sufi prayer called “djiku”, intertwined with pleas for peace and Margochvili’s poems.
A few years ago the Haji were enthusiastically received in Turkey.
In addition, members of Daimoakh are artists who are highly acclaimed in Georgia. Among them are:
Nato (Keto) Mutochvili from Khalatsani – has a uniquely strong voice; knows a great variety of beautiful old Kist and Georgian songs;
Manana (Taisa) Alkhanasili, her sister Raisa, mother and daughters from Omalo are singers gifted with a deep timbre. Coming from a family with a rich musical background, they also play the accordion and dechic pondur.
Mamuli from Jokolo – a multi-instrumentalist with a beautiful voice, plays the dechic pondur, has exceptional acting skills;
Gela Imedashvili from Omalo – a beautiful voice, knows a great number of old songs, an accomplished dancer;
Tamaz (Sultan) Bortschachvili from Duisi – a strong and beautiful voice, knows many regional songs, plays the guitar;
Beslan Bortschachvili from Jokolo – a strong voice, plays the dechic pondur;


Traditional Kist Songs (from Chechnya):
1.Pankisi – a song about the beauty of Pankisi;
2.Tscherkiezi – a love song about everlasting love;
3.Jama – A Better Time Has Come;
4.Tschurtsana – a song dedicated to the Chechens sent to Kazakhstan by Stalin;
5.Nazm (religious hymn);
6.Chechen hymn;
7.Swallow, where are you flying to, take my letter to my beloved;
8. Jirujiru – a humorous song about a female divorcee;
9. My beloved – a love song;
Traditional Georgian songs:
1.Lalebi – a song about longing for the mother country;
2.Why are you crying, Araza – a song about the obligation to be hospitable rather than vengeful, based on Vazha-Pshavela’s poetry;
3.Lomo (lion) – a song about love, fight and dying in the name of love.