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Tourist attractions

After arrival to Pankisi ravine, kistinian hosts can offer following attractions:

1. Rafting on tires on Alazani river, on section going on along Duisi village, from the drawbridge to the dam.

When the dry and sweltering summer begins in Pankisi (July - August), all children take tires and go to flow down the Alazani river.
Alazani near Duisi has a fast current, but it's rather not deep, there are numerous bays, that's why it is a perfect place for kayaking and white water rafting. Russian tourists, in times of USSR, used to visit Pankisi very often to flowed down the river on pontoons and rafts.
At present, unfortunately Kists do not have any pontoons and kayaks yet, but they have a lot of tires, which are great for rafting, they require larger concentrating, they only twist more all participants willing to try this attraction.

2. A trip to springs of Alazani river and diving from high rocks lying along banks of the river.

This is one of more beautiful expeditions, Alazani springs are at the base of High Caucasus mountains, they rise form crystal waterfalls. This is also the recommended attraction mainly in time of sweltering days (July - August). Except diving and swimming in the lower calm waters where the river creates mini pools, being at Alazani's springs, we can admire beauty of wild nature and pure alpine scenery. Wild chamoises often visit Alazani's springs to have a drink, a moment before diving and disturbing peace, we can observe those beautiful animals.

3. Fishing in Alazani river.

Kists also thought about anglers. River Alazani is full of deferent species of fish, one of the most valuable and most popular are wild trouts. Everyone interested will be lead to a right place, it is also possible to take part in a quick course of fishing.

4. Mountain expedition, in search of edible chestnuts.

Autumn comes to Pankisi by half of September and beginning of October, then all colors of the ravine and the surrounding mountains change, from luxuriant green to golden reds and bronzes. It is then the time of harvest in the fields ,gardens and also in the forests, where edible chestnuts grow. Kists organize whole - day expeditions to situated nearby forests growing at the base of mountains, in the area of Bacarski National Park. Many chestnut trees grow there, their fruits are edible. Picked chestnuts are tasty roasted of grilled.

5. Horseback riding trips to High Caucasus mountains, over night camping in shepherd's shelters.

Horseback riding trips are organized in case of your desire to see one of alpine routs described in detail in the part named "Routs".
Kists have small, efficient mountain ponies, which without problems defeat mountain paths caring tourist or baggage on their back. Before getting on such pony Kists will show You, as they saddle horse and as they lead them. Riding on those animals is one of best attractions during alpine expeditions.

After reaching to destination, the possibility of staying overnight in the shepherd's hut is an equally great attraction, where the kistinian or the tushyn shepherds will show us the whole process of making a dozen or so kinds of cheese, butter and the cream.

6. Folk evening with kistinian band "Daimoakh" (Motherland).

Regardless of were You will be staing at, Kists will very willingly organize an evening with a folk band - Daimoakh, dressed in traditional kistinian clothes. Kists, so as Georgians and Chechens in majority sings, plays instruments and dances beautifully and it with great imagination.
Daimoakh band, was established in the middle of the 90' by Makwała Margoszwili who is it's manager and instructress at the same time. Band consists of group of singers - grand individualities and artists known in Georgia like Keto Mutoszwili, Taissa Alchanaszwili or Mamuli.

Dancers also are a part of the band - adults and children. The dancers perform mainly different forms of the lezginki, one of the most popular Caucasus dances.
Kists sing and play both Georgian and Chechnyan songs, which makes their performances a unique style and sound.
During the show tourists are invited to jopin the dancers ant thought to dance.

7. Presentayion of a documentary film about Kistinian women's rights in the Moslem society in Pankisi.

One of the hostesses from Duisi - Szorena Hangoszwili is a journalist and a movie director. During her studies Szorena Hangoszwili made several films about women in Pankisi - their lives and rights. Woman's part in the Kistinian society interests visitors a lot. That's why Kists will be glad to show You films, which are basised on the life of several Kistynian women.

8. Trip to mosques and Georgian churches in Pankisi.

It is one the attraction that was described in the chapter named "Routs". You can find there a full description of majority of mosques and Georgian churches in Pankisi and closest neighborhood. Many new, house mosques appeared in recent years (there is no descriptions of those routs), and which Kists will show you gladly.

9. Participating in a traditional prayer of Sufi Kists' named "dzikr".

Every Friday, about 11:00 o'clock, a Sufi feminine fraternity belonging to vird Kunta - Hadjee Kisszijewa gathers in an old mosque in Duisi. Women come together for the "dzikr" conducted by a Grand Master of the fraternity - Alcaani.
Women invite all people interested in sufi traditions. This is one of major attractions in the Pankisi, which for people not knowing anything about the sufi tradition, can be compared to famous dancing/ whirling dervishes in Turkey. Women can observe the prayer from the inside, men outside, looking through doors.

10. Technology of making felt

In all Pankisi villages, there are house workshops, where Kists produce felt from sheep wool - waterproof and very strong fabric. Except warm clothes for shepherds, masters make various, colourful accessories also it - handbags, cases, hats, and so on. The process of making felt is one of the most interesting traditional technologies, which will be shown to us by Kists. We can buy many of these articles in workshops in Pankisi.

11. Traditional dishes

Anyone who is interested can see how Kistinian women prepare the traditional dishes, combination of Chechenian (dż"idż"ik Gadż"nysz) and Georgian (Chinkali, Chaczapuri) cuisine.
Kists bake their own bread, what we can also observe and learn how to do it.